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picture of a toyota succeed
Category: May 27, 2022

The Toyota Succeed is one of those vehicles that is “big in Japan” but not so well known elsewhere. This is, of course, because it’s a vehicle that’s only sold first-hand at Japanese dealerships. Nonetheless, it’s managed to earn a strong reputation since its launch in 2002 abroad as a high value used car export.

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Toyota Premio Car Photo
Category: Cars | Stock | Auction May 17, 2022

Why does Japan seem to get all the good things? Case in point: The Toyota Premio, a luxury compact sedan with great features, engine life and reliability. The Toyota Premio is closely related to the Toyota Allion, another compact luxury sedan. Where the Premio differs is in the details. . It’s a more upscale and mature offering compared to the Allion,

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A picture about types of shipping
Category: Shipping | Cars May 12, 2022

You have decided to import a car from Japan but you don't know how the vehicle will be shipped? Vehicle shipping method can be difficult to understand for novice. AA Japan explains you the difference between Ro/Ro shipment and container shipment and help you choosing the best solution to import your car from Japan.

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Toyota Prado
Category: Cars | Stock April 27, 2022

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, often known simply as the “Prado”, is a luxury-leaning SUV available in a wide range of configurations. Long-travel suspension gives a smooth ride over the roughest terrain, while up-to-date features and slick exterior and interior styling make it city life ready. In production for over a quarter-century,

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Importing a used car from Japan to Kenya
Category: Imports | Shipping April 20, 2022

Most Kenyans think it’s near impossible to buy a car directly from Japan and bring it to Kenya. Every other Kenyan may already know of someone with a horror story of how they were scammed by an online car seller. And yet when you look around, Kenyan roads are filled with used Japanese cars. Car dealers with at least 50 cars on display abound in prominent places.

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Toyota Hiace Vehicle Photo
Category: Cars | Stock | Auction April 13, 2022

The Toyota HiAce van is wildly popular in Japan, Australia, Africa… most of the world really. Why is that? Well, having a legendary reputation for durability and multiple uses doesn’t hurt. This AA Japan Blog article gives some food for thought on this vehicle, not to mention a lot of helpful info on HiAce features.

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Car diagram
Category: Auction | Stock March 30, 2022

Are you the type of driver who looks at car specs like “displacement” and “grade” and feels a bit dizzy? Well, you’re certainly not alone. The range of terms in the automotive industry can be intimidating. Car dealers may throw out impressive statistics and jargon about a vehicle they’re trying to sell you, leaving you nodding along while trying to figure out what it all means.

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Toyota Corolla Fielder
Category: Cars | Stock | Auction April 07, 2021

Launch in 2000, the Toyota Corolla Fielder is a vehicle with a lot of options. It’s a solid, attractive and all-around useful wagon, good for moving the family all together, not to mention the extra baggage they sometimes bring with them. Discover all the features of this best selling Toyata car.

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