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Toyota Succeed – The everyday wagon for Family transport

picture of a toyota succeed

The Toyota Succeed is one of those vehicles that is “big in Japan” but not so well known elsewhere. This is, of course, because it’s a vehicle that’s only sold first-hand at Japanese dealerships. Nonetheless, it’s managed to earn a strong reputation since its launch in 2002 abroad as a high value used car export.

This 5-seat station wagon is well up to the task of moving the family and all their gear at the same time, all while keeping fuel and maintenance bills to a minimum. Rear seats can fold flat to accommodate large loads, while front seats recline almost 80 degrees for extra large loads. Everywhere you look in the Succeed’s interior, you’ll find ample storage space. There’s even a central cup holder that can hold a 1L drink carton, perfect for when you have a thirsty clan riding along with you, or when you just really need to drink a lot of milk.

The Toyota Succeed does bear a striking resemblance to the Toyota Probox, another box shaped wagon with similar dimensions and features. Nonetheless, it has some notable differences. For one, the Succeed is longer and has a slightly larger cargo compartment. The Succeed can haul 450 kg in weight, while the Probox hauls 400 kg. Generally speaking, the Succeed is more luxury orientated, emphasizing everyday family and personal use over work-related hauling.

Toyota Succeed Model Years

The First Generation: 2002 – 2013

toyota succeed 2002.jpg

The 2002 to 2013 production models of the Succeed come with double overhead cam (DOHC) four-cylinder engine, available in 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 liter versions.

The Second Generation: 2014 – Present

toyota succeed 2022.jpg

2014 saw a partial redesign of the Succeed’s exterior and interior. Succeed models from this year onwards feature a new body. This redesign came at the same time that Toyota’s similar but more utilitarian Probox wagon received a new look. 2014 and later models also have a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which replaces the manual and automatic transmissions offered on previous models.

Understanding Toyota Succeed features

Fuel Type

  • Gasoline
  • ⁠Diesel


  • 5MT
  • 4AT
  • ⁠CVT

The Toyota Succeed is available in 5 speed manual transmission (5MT), 4 speed automatic transmission (4AT) and continuously variable transmission (CVT) variants.

In automatic transmissions, the gear ratio change happens as the vehicle moves. In manual transmissions, the driver completes a gearshift manually.

In a CVT, the transmission changes through a set of gear intervals, rather than a fixed number as in a traditional automatic or manual transmission. This generally results in a smoother overall ride and better climbing. (Note: CVT is only available on 2014 and later models)


“Displacement” refers to how much air is displaced by an engine’s pistons. It is generally measured in cubic centimeters (cc). A larger engine displacement tends to mean more power, while a lower engine displacement tends to mean better fuel economy. All Toyota Succeed models come with a 1,496cc engine capacity.


All Toyota Succeed models feature a five-door configuration.


When looking for a Succeed, you’ll see the following grade terms listed:

  • 4WD
    “4WD” means the vehicle includes four-wheel drive (4WD). This grade is ready to handle off-road conditions and rough roads, as all four wheels are supplied with power by the transmission system.
  • AT 1.5
    “AT 1.5” refers to the fact that the vehicle has an automatic transmission and a 1.5L engine.

As an all-around family wagon, the Toyota Succeed, well… succeeds!

The Toyota Succeed is simple and unfussy, but with all the luxuries necessary to make everyday family driving a genuinely enjoyable experience.

If you’re looking for a compact wagon, but think you might want to haul more gear than people, you might also want to have a look at the Toyota Probox.