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What is the DHL delivery address?

DHL Delivery Address - is the address where AA Japan will send you all documents related to your vehicle, including the bill of lading, inspection certificatie, and export certificate.

What are the consignee and the notify party?
  • Consignee name - name of importer legally allowed to receive the vehicle.
  • Notify party - name and contact details of the person who should be notified of the arrival of the cargo, and could be the actual buyer or receiver of the vehicle, clearing and forwarding agent, or dealer.

These two information and the DHL address are necessary in order to import a vehicle. A shipping company cannot issue a bill of lading (B/L) without both a consignee and notify party.

What documents will I receive from AA japan?

During the shipping process, AA Japan will send you the following documents in one envelope:

  • Bill of lading (B/L) - which details shipment of merchandise. This is necessary for you to take possession of the vehicle;
  • Export certificate - which certifies that the vehicle is no longer registered in Japan;
  • Inspection certificate - (if required by your country) which certifies that the vehicle is road worthy

AA Japan will receive these 3 documents at different times. As soon as we receive an individual document, we will upload a copy to your account (My Purchases). If you want, we can also send a digital copy through Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any mobile messaging platform. When all three documents are complete, AA Japan will send it in a single package via DHL.

Can I verify documents before you send them?

Yes, of course. You can access any documents relating to your vehicle via Account/My Purchases as soon as they become available. You can easily consult and verify them ahead of their DHL delivery. Please make it a habit to verify the documents being sent you.