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Exporting quality used Japanese cars worldwide for over 20 years

AA Japan is one of the most trusted used Japanese vehicle exporters in Japan and in the world. We export a wide range of second hand Japanese cars, trucks and other vehicles to countries like Kenya, Sri Lanka, Russia, Philippines, Paraguay, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

AA Japan’s vehicle stock includes more than 3,000 used vehicles from a host of Japanese automakers, including: Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Nissan, Suzuki, Isuzu, Toyota and Honda.AA Japan also carries European and American brand vehicles as well.

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      New Arrivals

      SUZUKI ALTO 2014/07 HA35S-195170
      FOB $ 1,750
      • 72,170 km
      • DBA-HA35S
      TOYOTA WISH 2013/08 ZGE20-0166741
      FOB $ 6,160
      • 77,950 km
      • DBA-ZGE20G
      HONDA FIT 2011/01 GE6-1513546
      FOB $ 950
      • 109,240 km
      • DBA-GE6
      FOB $ 7,820
      • 95,310 km
      • DBA-5NCTH
      TOYOTA PREMIO 2013/03 ZRT260-3090067
      FOB $ 8,760
      • 42,540 km
      • DBA-ZRT260
      TOYOTA HARRIER 2012/03 ACU30-0125526
      FOB $ 19,420
      • 93,000 km
      • CBA-ACU30W
      TOYOTA AURIS 2012/07 NZE151-4007056
      FOB $ 6,870
      • 94,050 km
      • DBA-NZE151H
      HONDA FIT 2010/06 GE6-1379063
      FOB $ 760
      • 121,280 km
      • DBA-GE6
      TOYOTA HIACE-V 2007/12 TRH200-0069292
      FOB $ 4,740
      • 290,120 km
      • CBF-TRH200V
      TOYOTA HIACE-V 2003/12 TRH112-0008884
      FOB $ 4,970
      • 2,856,960 km
      • TC-TRH112V
      TOYOTA HIACE-V 2004/03 TRH112-0007724
      FOB $ 4,740
      • 295,500 km
      • TC-TRH112V
      TOYOTA HIACE-V 2007/02 TRH200-0050840
      FOB $ 4,740
      • 152,400 km
      • CBF-TRH200V

      Special Offers

      TOYOTA AXIO 2012/01 NZE141-3015484
      FOB $4,831 5,680
      • 187,610 km km
      • DBA-NZE141
      TOYOTA AXIO 2012/12 NZE164-7008070
      FOB $3,789 3,790
      • 144,740 km km
      • DBA-NZE164
      TOYOTA PROBOX 2012/12 NCP51-0295032
      FOB $2,984 3,460
      • 113,390 km km
      • DBE-NCP51V
      NISSAN AD VAN 2013/02 VY12-138099
      FOB $1,421 2,080
      • 215,440 km km
      • DBF-VY12

      Buying a Car or Truck from Japan

      At AA Japan, we are aware of the concerns of customers when buying cars and trucks, especially online. This is why we make our buying process simple, easy and transparent. To know the step-by-step process of the buying process, click here.

      We also make sure that you can find the vehicles you need for your business by offering various ways to purchase from us:

      • 1. choose from over 3 000 stocks of cars and trucks from our website
      • 2. buy cars and trucks directly from Japanese auction houses
      • 3. request for hard-to-find or specific vehicles for you or your business
      See Buying Process
      Man giving a car key

      Buying from Stock

      Refreshed daily, our company maintains over 3 000 units of fast-moving and highly in-demand cars and trucks from all Japanese brands like Toyota, Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi, Nissan and others. Our stocks come directly from Japanese auction houses. We also stock commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks, machinery, construction equipment and more.

      Your satisfaction is our main concern. We always provide competitive prices, quality vehicles and high standards of customer service. Our sales executives are multilingual professionals who will assist you from searching of units to the exporting process to aftersales support.

      Visit Stock

      Special Orders

      With access to at least 150 000 vehicles weekly through any Japanese auction houses, there is no doubt that we can find the the car or truck you are looking for.

      Tell us the specifications of the vehicle you want and our team will find it for you. For JDM car fans, you can easily ask for your favorite car. For fans of European and American cars like BMW, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Chevrolet, we can also source it. We will also assist you in the exportation and shipping process of your vehicle.

      Buying from Auction

      As a car dealer, we understood that you need to master your costs to make the best of every transaction. With that in mind, we created the AA Japan Auction System.

      To make sure you can find the vehicle of your choice at the best price, we offer you the opportunity to buy directly from any Japanese auction house through our full service auction system. You can use or check out any vehicle available from anywhere in Japan. You will be able to see all available pictures and details about any vehicle as provided by the auction house.

      This service is fully free to register in and it comes with a personal dedicated representative to assist you every step of the way.

      Register Now for Free
      Japanese Auction House
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      Competitive Prices

      We buy used vehicles and cars directly from Japanese car auctions. As a result, we always offer you the car you require at the best price.

      Quality Icon

      The Best Quality Cars

      The Japanese used cars we offer have a strong reputation for quality. On top of that, AA Japan inspects every individual vehicle for quality before buying it. We also inspect it again when it enters the yard and once more before shipping.

      Customer Service icon

      High Standard Services

      We are always with you, each step of the way. We will take care of quality inspection, official export certification and shipment schedule. If you have any specific requests, we will try our utmost to satisfy them. See our buying process.

      A Trustworthy Company

      AA Japan is a Japanese vehicle exporter with 20 years of experience. Since 1996, we have sold more than 100,000 cars in 50 different countries and satisfied more than 20,000 individual customers. We are certified by the following business organizations:

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      JUMVEA Logo
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